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Plant: Strelitzia Nicolai

Strelitzia Nicolai, or white bird of paradise plant, is just like the Strelitzia Reginae from South Africa. Strelitzia Nicolai differs from Strelitzia Reginae because of its white flower. It is a very popular decorative plant that is often associated with a banana plant, because of…

Book: Modernism Rediscovered

“The photography of Julius Shullman(1910-2009) transported a West Coast dream around the world. His images of midcentury Southern Californian architecturecaptured not only the distinctive structural, functional, and design elements of a building but also the context of its surroundings and inhabitants in a holistic, evocative…

Book: The Life Aesthetic of Josef Hoffmann

“Before aesthete, designer, and architect Josef Hoffmann (1870-1956) came along, Austrian architecture and design was suffocating under a surfeit of opulent ornamentation and bombastic flourish. With his radical new approach and a band of like-minded figures, Hoffmann was a founding father of the Viennese Secession…

Design studio D’Orazio & Krakvik

Krakvik & D’Orazio is a creative studio based in Oslo, run by Italian-born Alessandro D’Orazio and Oslo native Jannicke Krkvik. Both Scandinavian and Italian design heritage are mixed in a contemporary cocktail that is clean, playful and well-balanced.

Lamp: FLO desk light by Norman Foster

“The minimal FLO range of lights is the result of Foster + Partners first collaboration with specialist Italian lighting manufacturer, Lumina. Available as a floor or desk lamp, the light integrates the latest dimmable LED technology within a streamlined, curving form.” Source: Foster+Partners