Fiesta Flexiteriano

Flax & Kale — ‘restaurante healthy flexiteriano’ — is situated in the northeastern part of the old Gothic city of Barcelona, close to the university and not far from Plaça Catalunya. Do not expect paëlla, calamares or jamón platters: twenty percent of chef Teresa Carles’ menu is vegetarian, the other twenty percent involves fish. All is organic. Interior designer Francesc Pons worked together with the chef to create the atmosphere that would fit the concept of Flax & Kale. The spacious restaurant has high ceilings, exposed bricks, concrete pillars, tons of plants and wooden furniture. Benches are covered with floral upholstery that might remind one of Laura Ashley-designs but result to a not-to-trendy timelessness.

Photo’s: Francesc Pons

Rob Giesendorf

Rob is designer and art-director, and editor of Plant Light Book

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